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Autumn Winds

Show me your gentlest day
When Dandelion fairies are grounded
And children
Cannot catch them
To make a wish
Then turn your coat
And show me your spirit
That whips up all in sight
And blows small children over
As they screech
At your power




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I love the dahlias in red bottles.

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Me too!

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I love your poetry. The top photo catches the wind billowing through the tress beautifully!

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It looks like a wild day, a good day to stay home and warm.
Are those dahlias real?
I love the colour.

Your words complement the photos so well, Penny.

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I love your poetry Penny, it always encapsulates the day so aptly.

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This last pic is beautiful Penny.

I think you captured the wind quite well. The trees are bowing in the wind and your poor plant is horizontal in that second pic.

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You can see which way the wind is blowing in the top pic...

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I want to be there.

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Lovely photos and lovely poem, Penny.
This wind we currently have is shivering me timbers... and me house's timbers...

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Thank you,Val!
I'm just coming over to read you,I keep forgetting.
How could I forget you!